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We Make Websites Esthetically pleasing to the User's Sensories.

What Makes an Excellent Website

Set High Standards, Be Professional & Mobile Ready

All of our work is approached professionally.  We strive to maintain high standards on all our websites.  We spend time to make the website user-friendly and easy to navigate, as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which appeals to the operator's senses. 


Each of our websites is mobile-ready for cell phones, tablets, laptops, big-screen TVs, and desktop PCs.  Being mobile-ready or having versatility with screen sizes is extremely important today, so it is vital to create a website for various displays. Everyone does not have a desktop or laptop computer, and more people today are using their mobile devices more frequently.  Computer Tutor Services strives to satisfy all our customers, maintain high security, and select reputable and sound website technology.

33 Steps to an

Excellent Website Design

Computer Tutor Services Website Logo

1.) Establish a set of standard pages, color schemes, fonts, buttons, graphics, sounds, logos, animations, video settings, behind-the-scenes: code, databases file directories, etc.

2.) Easy Navigational Menus

3.) Meta tags and keywords on every webpage

4.) Logo on top of website shown on all pages.

5.) Set of standard type Fonts and Colors to coincide with Logos etc.

6.) Music or sounds do not load automatically but go with the theme of the website and give operators the choice to turn on and off the sounds.

7.) Every page should have Contact Information, and Social Links such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.… so operators can easily find your personal social media information.

8.) The Contact US page should have an entry form to submit information to a designated email.

9.) Storage of all photos and videos can be saved on separate servers and uploaded by any company representative at any time.  Such as YouTube, Photo Bucket, Instagram, Smug Mug, Facebook, etc.… and your website can link to these uploads.  This gives website owners lower levels of updating their information.

10.) Other outside website forms, surveys, questionnaires, etc.…. can be embedded into your existing website.  Therefore control of certain information can be controlled and updated by your company.  (Examples Zoho surveys, Cognito Forms, Constant Contact, Google Calendars, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.…)
11.) Make sure all hyperlinks are working
12.) Easy to Use for visitors who are in a hurry
13.) Current and fresh professional content updated frequently
14.) Clear calls to action on your home page
15.) The best page should be your home or landing page - spend most time designing this page because this page will determine what your customers do next.  Try and direct them to the most important thing you wish your end users to do next.  If they do not like your landing page the end users will leave instantly.

16.) Create websites that are easy to access for touchscreen users

A web design company

Make sure Your Website is Mobile and Touch Screen Ready

17.) Clear and concise goal for your website that is easily figured out as soon as a user lands on the site.
18.) Registered Domain Name that is easy to remember and manually type in.
19.) Well-structured website with proper categories and menu items
20.) Proper Grammar and Correct spelling
21.) Secure Website is most important - - look for the lock in the upper left-hand corner of your browser
22.) Show your awards and achievements of the website

23.) Secure Shopping Carts

24.) Page loading speed should be adequate

Think outside of the box and spend time being creative

Thinking outside of the Web Design Box

25.) Readability - easy to read, comprehend, and avoid fonts that are not readable.

26.) Declutter your website - TMI (Too Much Information could possibly overwhelm your operators unless you wish to train your operators.)

27.) Do not use too many different fonts, font colors, underlines, and highlights can be distractive.

28.) Integrate your customer's social media accounts

29.) Internal and external Links could help you rank better

30.) Do your research and study the subject you are web designing for

31.) Pay extreme attention to your users and owners of the website to help create their most desired and effective website that is above their expectations.

32.) There is so much I wish to say here but it is getting to the point of T.M.I. (Too Much Information).  Go ahead and google on how to make an excellent website for more information.

33.) Links to other websites that will benefit your users - Here is a great link on this subject.

Be inspired and review other websites.

Computer Tutor Services Guarantees you will Like their Work

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