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Email Marketing and Calendar

Email Marketing & Event Calendars

Remember Do your Research because when it comes to the World Wide Web, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments to help propel your online presence with your event calendars and automated email marketing campaigns.

10 Questions you should definitely consider before making your choice of  an automated mailing program.

  1. Can I import my existing email list into it?

  2. Can I embed my event calendar into my automated email marketing campaigns?

  3. Is it cost-effective?

  4. Are there any free trials?

  5. Can I customize my email?

  6. Can emails be automated?

  7. Can I embed my existing Event Calendar into the Email template?

  8. Is it easy to use?

  9. Will it be delivered or will it go into the spam box?

  10. Do they have good Technical Support?

Image by Mariia Shalabaieva

Sample Event Calendar Created in

It is important to choose a calendar that looks good and is easy to use and embed into your existing website and email template.

What is a good web-based email marketing tool that allows your businesses to create and send personalized email campaigns that easily automate your email marketing process, track the results, and incorporate your daily event calendar into your marketing campaign and website?  Below is a list of some email marketing online programs we have reviewed.


  1. MailerLite - (good pricing and 12,000 email free plan and good support)

  2.  Brevo -  (It costs per email sent out)

  3.  ActiveCampaign -  (Has some of the best automation)

  4. Convertkit -  (Not as easy an interface to use as others)

  5. Klavio - (User friendly but is more expensive)

  6. GetResponse - (Costly but missing some automation features )

  7. Aweber - - (not as user-friendly as I would like)

  8. Mailcharts - - (expensive)

  9. Bento - - (Darker interface)

  10. Zoho campaigns - - (Very nice interface, low price, and can gather survey type data and it is very low priced with great free plans and easy setup input forms)

  11. Mailjet - 

  12. Mailchimp - (more  expensive but very popular and easy to use)

  13. Constant Contact - - (More expensive, but very popular and easy to use)


In conclusion, having a website with the right tools or applications embedding or working to coincide with your website presence is important to your success in reaching your target audience and directly keeping your existing customers up to date through emails as well as your website's current event calendar. 


Why reinvent the wheel, when you can plug in professionally tested applications, widgets, or URL code into your website?

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