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Our Pricing for Web Design

We are fair and cost effective for your size business

Computer Tutor Services Prices are fair and honest.  We offer low-cost pricing for smaller businesses that do not have a lot of updates to their website.  The cost depends on how complex the website is and how many pages are expected to be kept up to date daily.  We are international and can design a website for anyone or any company size.  The prices below are estimates only for basic informational websites and are subject to change.

Our average Contracts range from 1 to 3 years

We update websites daily and we charge monthly.  Depending on the estimated number of hours we have to put toward your website we determine a basic monthly flat rate fee upfront.  No monthly surprises.  The flat rate is for the life of the contract.  1 rate is determined at the beginning of the website prototype that is chosen.  Our smaller websites pay approximately $100.00 a month.  Our medium-sized businesses approximately pay $300.00 a month and our larger-sized businesses pay approximately $400.00 a month or higher.  Depending on the number of pages and complexity of the website we determine your basic costs.  Our average basic cost of a new informational website is anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000.  We will have a clear and concise contract that is easily readable requires signatures of commitment and general information about what is required by your website design needs.  A simple questionnaire is filled out before we can get started.  This questionnaire helps us determine your website requirements.   Just call us and we will prepare an estimated price for you.

We Design a Prototype before your commitment

We will analyze your existing or new website and research your subject to determine the best website design that will fit you and your company's needs.  We offer free evaluation and consultation and then with your permission we will create a basic website prototype and then you can decide if you want our services.  It is like try before you buy.  We guarantee you will like what we come up with, if not then we go back to the drawing board and discuss more with you and then we try again.  No commitment is required to the prototype.  If you select our prototype and hire us, we will charge for the prototype. Before we can start your website prototype, we require you to fill out an online questionnaire or we can do it over the phone together.  Click here to fill out our questionnaire and we will give you a call as soon as we review it.

All Transactions will be in writing and no hidden charges

We conduct business professionally and every website will have a contract that has to be signed and agreed upon by the owner of the website and the owners of Computer Tutor Services.  All updates to your website will need to be confirmed through your company representative who oversees your website.  A simple email, text message, or voicemail from your website representative is sufficient for us to make your changes.  Our updates are usually done from 1 to 3 days.  We are determined to make you happy, so we always strive to get your changes done on the same day requested.  More complex requests may take longer.  We don't like hidden fees so our contract shows exact charges up front.

Monthly fees are conveniently charged to a Credit Card

Our monthly fees are automatically charged to your credit card listed in the contract on the first of every month.  If an invoice is required then it will be sent out 2 weeks in advance.  We recommend automatic monthly charging to ensure your website is up and running every month.  You may choose to pay for your updates on a monthly or yearly basis.  Whichever is more convenient for you?  Our company uses PayPal services so many credit card types are acceptable and highly secure and receipts will be sent electronically for every charge to the email provided on the contract.

Additional Web Hosting Fees, Domain Names, etc. depends

Additional Web hosting fees depend on your web host provider.  They are not controlled by Computer Tutor Services.  The web host charges are separate from Computer Tutor Services Fees.  Our preferred Web host is Wix and they are secure and extremely competitive in the world market, and we highly recommend Wix as a web host.

Outside Applications Integrated into your website

If additional applications or websites are required to be integrated into your website your costs depend on your subscription to those outside applications. Computer Tutor Services are not liable for those fees.  You may wish to integrate other items, applications, or other websites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email systems like Constant Contact, Cloud Photo storage, Survey Forms, Special website widgets, etc.  These costs for outside additional applications are the customer’s responsibility.  Our charges pertain to our designing process only and we will integrate whatever we can.  The customer is responsible for their additional outside applications and setup processes of them.  We will provide limited support and integrate or link to what you already have online.

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