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​To build a professional website you will need both a domain name and web hosting account. Buying a domain name alone only gives you right to use that particular domain name for a specific period (usually 1 to 5 years)...

Why Are Domain Names So Important?  A domain name gives your business instant credibility and puts you in the same online marketplace as your biggest competitors.  It says that you really mean business and helps online shoppers and customers see you as a professional company that is conveniently accessible online.

Computer Tutor Services helps you obtain a domain name if you do not already have one. We suggest purchasing a domain name with the host you plan to have your website reside on. We can help you with the process and get everything set up for you.  If you already have a domain name it will need to be forwarded to the correct url (location of where new website is located).   

Once you have purchased hosting and registered your domain name, then you can start letting everyone know where your website is.  You should choose a easy and precise name that represents you or your company so others may easily type this information in.

For more information please feel free to call us at (727) 323-4677

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