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People Discussing Website before hiring a Web Company ask questions.

Before Hiring a Web Company ask Questions

Here are a few Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Company.

If you want to be sure you get a professional web developer who will support your website in a professional and timely manner.  Here are our answers to some of the most important questions you should present to the Web company before you choose hiring.  You want to make sure the company is reputable, honest, reliable, competent, experienced, licensed, reasonably priced, and is the right fit for you and your company's needs.

Questions you should definitely ask your Web Designers.

Ask your Web Designer questions

  1. What is your experience in Web Design?
    We have over 25 years of experience in not only web design but Computer Programming, Systems Analyst, Computer Consultanting, Computer Training, Graphic Design & Video Editing, Technical Support, Hardware / Networking, Computer Repair, Databases, 
    Software Applications, and Op
    erating Systems.  See Company Owners Resume Here.

  2. Can you provide examples of websites you have designed in the past?
    YES, we have plenty of published successful online websites.  View our work here

  3. What is your design process like and How do you ensure the website meets our specific needs and goals?
    We go through a series of meetings and we fill out a complete questionnaire about your company, requirements, ideas, and desires.  Then we study and research your subject matter and come up with a website prototype for your review. View our questionnaire process here.

  4. Can you provide references or client testimonials for your previous work?
    YES, we have real references on this website and have been permitted to use their very own words that they have spoken or emailed to us.  Please see our real reviews here and check out our work and call around and you will see what type of business we are and how seriously we take our company and its reputation.  Computer Tutor Services has been in business over 25 years and we have plenty of experience along the way.

  5. What is your timeline for completing the project and how do you handle project delays or changes in requirements?
    Each project is different and has different levels of complication, so this question is somewhat hard to answer.  However, we can get websites up as fast as one day but it would not be a complete website but a good starter point.  However, we do like to take at least a month to come up with a very decent informational website that will meet most of your needs.  In time with our monthly maintenance plan, it gets better and better and sharper and sharper as we go along and then it really ends up reflecting what you and your company represent.

  6. What is your pricing structure? Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?
    We are very reasonably priced and the additional costs would be your Web Host, Domain Name, and our Monthly Maintenance Fee.  See more detailed information on our prices here.

  7. Do you offer maintenance and support services after the website is launched?
    YES, we charge a small monthly maintenance fee and make your updates every month with the person we are assigned to on the website contract.  They send in your change requests and we have a 3-day turnaround time and it usually gets done the same day unless it requires extensive programming and massive updates.  After updates are completed a follow-up email is sent to inform the requester.

  8. Will the website be mobile-responsive and optimized for search engines (SEO)?
    YES, and we introduce and index it with Google Search Engine at no extra cost.

  9. How do you handle revisions or updates to the website after it goes live?
    We at Computer Tutor Services do all your updates for you unless there is an assigned collaborator on the Website contract who wishes to make certain changes but with limited access to those needs only.  To protect your website from errors we wish to make all the changes for you unless a special agreement is assigned on our website contract.

  10. What outside programs do you recommend integrating with a website?
    There are plenty of additional programs/applications/websites available and we work with many popular systems as but not limited to: 

    1. YouTube

    2. Cloud Storage Services

    3. Facebook

    4. Google Services

    5. Cognito Forms

    6. Instagram

    7. Linked In

    8. Twitter

    9. Survey Forms

    10. Constant Contact

    11. Online Calendars

    12. Wix Webhosting

    13. POS (Point of Sale) type Shopping Carts

    14. Merchant Accounts:

      • Paypal

      • Square

      • Clover

      • Stripe

      • Triple-A

      • Wix Credit Cards & Wix POS System etc...

  11. How do you approach security measures for your websites?

    Our Secure Web Server handles most of the server security.  All Wix sites provide security and use HTTPS and SSL protocols.  Computer Tutor Services professional representatives do all monthly maintenance updates and allow limited access to assigned collaborators who are listed on the website contract only.  If there is someone you wish not to be a member or collaborator of your website or email list you can request for them to be removed.

In conclusion, having a professional website with the right developer can make an enormous difference in developing your website and keeping it up-to-date online.  Asking these questions can help you assess a good web design company's capabilities, reliability, and compatibility before making such an important decision. 


Are you Ready?  Just call us directly at (727) 323-4677 We are real people who prefer to speak with you directly.  You can also fill out our Website Questionnaire here and we will get back to you quickly.  This questionnaire will help answer some of the most important questions that will help us in our development process in creating a professional website specifically designed for your purposes.

Call Computer Tutor Services anytime to ask Important Questions

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