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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that makes your website visible on the Internet. A secure Web Host allows Computer Tutor Services to focus on the important stuff—like building your beautiful website.

Computer Tutor Services knows how important the web host we choose is because the life of your website highly depends on it.  We have chosen one of the most popular web hosts on the internet today called Wix.  We host all of our websites on this server because it is extremely reliable, secure, and completely centered around professional website applications.  Since we are avid users of Wix we have achieved the Wix Partner Badges and have obtained exclusive benefits from Wix.  This server allows us to create professional websites in half the time and they offer many fantastic web design applications as well as professional online training and excellent highly rated live online support.  

Wix Partner

A professional web hosting platform that has an excellent reputation will protect your website because it will back up and secure your data. This means that you can restore your information after an attack or issue by using these backed-up files from your web host. It's the secure, responsible thing to do.  So this is why we go with Wix.  Not only is it a secure web host it also has many online website features that can be utilized in your website to ensure you have the most gratifying experience with your site.

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