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Our Accomplishments

"Our Work Speaks for itself and Our Clients Speak For Us"

Computer Tutor Services Mouse with Surfer on top Logo

Computer Tutor Services Makes it Easy For You to choose the right Developer & Secure Platform to locate your site.

Computer Tutor Services has accomplished many satisfied customers with our area of expertise in Website Development.  We have gained the Wix Icon Level and have become Wix Certified in Accessibility as well as logged over 1000 hours in training on Plural Website.  We are always looking forward to improving our skill set.  We have many years of experience in not only Web Development but in many other computer-related advanced technologies and skills.  Please see Computer Tutor Services Business owner's extensive resume here for more details.  Computer Tutor Services is dedicated to Wix Web Hosting Services due to its excellence in design, security, endless features, and commitment to Web Developers around the world.  For more personal information please see Why Choose Us?

Wix Accessibility Specialist Achievement Certificate
Wix Partner Editor X Achieved
Wix Partner Icon Level Achieved
Plural Site Skills Achieved over 1000s hours of web development training
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