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Choose Best Cloud Storage

When it comes to choosing the right Cloud Storage for your personal or company needs it can be quite a daunting task because there are many cloud storage companies on the web and it can be time-consuming to make the right choice.  It is very important to do your online research and see if the storage system fits your needs.  Make sure you can easily integrate and embed it into your website and check out the costs involved or if they have a decent amount of free space.

Free & Paid Cloud Storage Companies

Why do I want free cloud storage space for my photos or files?  You want this so you can easily share or embed your photos or files into your website without taking up space on your web server.  You may want to collaborate with others and share your files directly with them.  You as a customer may also want to have some control over what pictures you would like to keep current on your website.  By allowing your web designer the ability to embed a folder of pictures or files into your website you can have current information/pictures on your website at all times.  As soon as you upload a file it will automatically be displayed on your website without taking up extra space on the webhost and not having to know how to program this.  A good web developer like those at Computer Tutor Services can do this for you.

Here is an example of computer training pictures stored in our Dropbox cloud storage area.  These are some of the wonderful students I the owner of Computer Tutor Services had the pleasure of teaching in person during my long career in computer training.  As you can see I love teaching and training in many areas of computer-related subjects.  It is easy to share files and collaborate with others with a good basic cloud storage program.

Drop Box Cloud Storage Link to  our pictures.

1. DropBox  - Take a good look at dropbox because it has plenty to offer.

2. IDrive- Offers a variety of features.

3. SmugMug - Paid service only but this is one of my favorites because it is so easy to manage your files and upload your photos as well as sell them.  Embedding your folders into your website is as easy as 1 2 3.  Great for professional photos and photographers.

4. Google Drive- Lots of free storage space here.  It is great for adding files in folders and collaborating with others who need access to your files.

Here is an example of computer training pictures stored on our google Drive cloud storage area.  These are the same wonderful students I the owner of Computer Tutor Services had the pleasure of teaching in person during my long career in computer training.  This is how we can embed your files right into the website and the customer can control what files they wish to share on their website.

5. TeraBox- This one is fantastic because it gives you 1 Terabyte of Free Storage Space. Wow!

6. OneDrive - You get 5 gb of free space with Microsoft's popular OneDrive.  East to manage and easy to collaborate with others.

See my Computer Tutor Services

Logos on One Drive

7. Sync- Privacy and Security is their top priority and has everything else.

So as you can see the sky is limit.  Try and Pick what is best for you and your business. 

If you don't like the choice you made you can always cancel a service and try another. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea.

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What Is the Best Cloud Storage?

  • — Top cloud storage pick for sharing, versioning, large files, iPhone and more

  • pCloud — Best online storage pick for Windows, Mac, Linux and music 

  • Icedrive — Top cloud drive with excellent speeds

  • MEGA — Very secure service with the most free cloud storage (20GB)

  • IDrive — Best cloud storage-online backup hybrid

  • OneDrive — Best cloud storage service for Office integration

  • Google Drive — Top pick for integrated apps and students

  • Koofr — Top pick for multiple cloud accounts

  • Dropbox — Best pick for cloud collaboration

  • Box — Great pick for business cloud storage

  • Computer Tutor Services Highly Recommends Cloud Storage Space

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